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Balkan Basalt Shpk, is a Dutch owned company founded in 2015, in Albania for production of Basalt. With our main office set up in the centre of Tirana, 30 minutes from the airport and accommodation, it is easy to get to us. In our Quarry (deep open pit) from which the stones are being extracted, and our new build production crush line facility ready Q1 2019, we are able to produce 30000 ton monthly of various sizes in 1 shift, from raw material, ballast, granil 2, granil 1 and sand. Besides these sizes we also produce Basalt-dust (In Netherlands), which can be used as natural fertilizer to improve the earth due to its rich dome of minerals. The Quarry is situated in Spac, (Merdita Region) close to city of Reps, about 1 hour and 30 minutes drive from Tirana (96Km), and 1 hour from the airport. (76Km) Balkan/Basalt has all the necessary licenses for mining and transportation. The location covers around 47ha and has a geological reserve of 19647565 m3 ton (Approximately 40 million ton) of Basalt. The material is of the highest quality and usable for all applications to the NEN EN standards. Basalt is one of the most common stones on the earth, also called a extrusive volcanic igneous rock, which is formed due to the rapid cooling of the lava on surface of the earth. Due to the fast cooling it has little time for crystals to grow.


SpaƧ, Blinisht, Albaania


Phone: +355 4 631 5775

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